Why New Mom Letters?

Words of inspiration and encouragement for new moms as they go through their toughest times of early motherhood can make a big impact. That is why we’re excited to introduce our first H&H Paper Co. Collective: New Mom Letters. The collective offers individual cards or a kit of 8 cards to create a community of supporters to multiply the impact.

This all started when the founder, Channy Bowman who felt helpless after her close friends were going through the unknowns of the 4th trimester of becoming a new mom. As a mother of two (H&H is named after her two littles), she too experienced the postpartum baby blues after childbirth and wanted to spread the love of stationary, handwritten letters and unexpected mail. 

Here are special reasons why New Mom Letters is needed in the world: 

  1. Postpartum Depression: Postpartum depression affects about 15% of women around childbirth and baby blues affects up to 80% (source: NIH 2018) These are the critical times where the biggest support is needed when new moms feel lonely, tired, hopeless and overwhelmed.  
  2. New Mom Greeting Card: There are numerous of ‘congratulations’ greeting cards out there but there isn’t many or any greeting cards that are meant for new moms or parents - when support is needed most.
  3. Community Spirit: The mission behind New Mom Letters is to multiply the support for new moms with a community of supporters. With the cards that are purchased we here at H&H Paper Co. will be donating handwritten new mom letters curated within the Tacoma community to deliver to those at the Tacoma General Hospital NICU. Thank you for multiplying the support!

Are you ready to start spreading the love? Start the New Mom Letter’s movement to that new mom in your life!

How to start the New Mom Letters movement: 

  1. Gather a Community of Supporters: Distribute the New Mom Letters cards to a community of supporters at a baby shower, colleagues at work, or even friends across the country. The people to get involved can be endless.
  2. Handwritten Words: Supporters can write words of encouragement, positive vibes, quotes, jokes, drawings, or words of truth to bring a smile and a sense of connectedness and normalization to a new mom.
  3. Unexpected Mail: Once each letter is complete, each supporter sends their letter to the new mom after the baby is born and she will get all the feels when these unexpected letters trickle into her mailbox.

Thank you for the support and we can’t wait to hear the stories of how much of impact you all are making with this movement. Now let’s get our pens and start spreading the love!