April is National Card and Letter Writing Month

We're super excited that April is National Card and Letter Writing Month here at H&H Paper Co. It's a great reason to take out a couple of cards or piece of paper to write words of encouragement and thoughts to those close to you.  

What is National Card and Letter Writing Month?

The U.S. Postal Service officially designated April National Card and Letter Writing Month in 2001 “to raise awareness of the importance and historical significance of card and letter writing.” 

Writing Prompts 

Sometimes it's always hard to think about what to write (writer's block) but hopefully the ideas below will prompt some inspiration: 

  • Words of encouragement. Words encouragement can come as a surprise when it is most needed. Surprise a friend, family member or new mom with words of encouragement even on their good days but most importantly on their bad days -- trust us it'll bring a smile and make someones day!
  • Happy wishes. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones. What a great way to write a little letter vs. getting a reminder on Facebook like everyone else ;) 
  • Good memories. Write about a great memory and remind them that great time you had together. 
  • Quotes. There are so many encouraging, funny or relatable quotes to share.
  • Whatever is on your mind. 

Whatever you decide to write the person that will be receiving the handwritten note will love the fact that you took the time to send a note. 

Let's spread the love together!