H&H Paper Co. Collective: New Mom Letters

New Mom Letters exists to inspire and encourage new moms as they go through their toughest times of early motherhood. We use handwritten words and the thrill of unexpected mail to connect new mothers with friends, family and even anonymous supporters. This simple gesture is small but the impact is greater than you can imagine.

The collective offers individual cards or a kit of 8 cards to create a community of supporters to multiply the impact.

Let's spread the love together and beat postpartum depression.

New Mom Letters packaging on a wooden table

New Mom Letters Kit

Let's spread the love together!

A Special Mom in Your Life?

You Da Mom Card

New Mom letters collective

how to start the new mom letters movement

Gather a Community of Supporters

Distribute the New Mom Letters cards to a community of supporters at a baby shower, colleagues at work, or even friends across the country. The people to get involved can be endless. 

Handwritten Words

Supporters can write words of encouragement, positive vibes, quotes, jokes, drawings, or words of truth to bring a smile and a sense of connectedness and normalization to a new mom. 

Unexpected Mail

Once each letter is complete, each supporter sends their letter to the new mom after the baby is born and she will get all the feels when these unexpected letters trickle into her mailbox.